About Us

Armadillo Metal Roofing Systems is locally owned and operated. There is no project too big or too small for Armadillo, and with every product, rest assured that you will have outstanding service, craftsmanship and — of course — product.

Armadillo Metal Roof Systems believes in quality, not just of the product, but of the installation as well.

Armadillo Metal Roofing Systems offers all Islanders and Atlantic Canada a quality, reliable roof in a saltwater environment where people need this type of roofing system the most. This superior product will save money in the long run by only needing to do a roof once – a system and product that is perfect for our harsh weather conditions.

For more information on why this metal roofing system that Armadillo offers is superior to all others, please see The AMRS Process page for more info.

Armadillo Metals can also provide a wide range of services to do with metal:

  • Composite panels
  • Custom Flashings
  • Ice Rakes