Shingle Removal

Moisture damage under the shingles! This is why we always remove them.

Dry rot is another common problem we find under old singles which makes it impossible to properly install your roof. 

Don’t trust the lifetime of your roof to anyone taking shortcuts.

At AMRS, we do things the correct way and always remove all shingles before installing your lifetime roofing system.  We don’t use strapping either – here’s why:

  1. If we put the metal over top of the shingles the granulate of shingles scratches the back of the metal causing rust.
  2. Metal condensates thus it is sweating into the old shingles which hold moisture and in time causing that moisture to enter your home that will cause black mold.
  3. We need to put the synthetic underlayment on the roof so the special underlayment will stick to the back of the metal to bring the condensation out and not into your home.
  4. We do not strap the roof for a couple of reasons. The one inch space from strapping not only causes increased condensation, but also an echo sound,  and if there is any amount of snow on the roof it will look like a ski hill (bumps) in the metal from the weight of the snow between the strapping.
  5. When you install over shingles  with or without strapping, you may not be hitting the trusses for a secure install.

Here are some of the BENEFITS of doing it the correct way:

  1.  step The resale value of your home is greatly increased.  Real Estate can mark up the home 83% of the roof cost.
  2. This system is the BEST – it will last a lifetime.
  3. This system is the only system that can go BELOW 3 on 12 pitch ALL the rest have no warranty below that.
  4. This system after completion is a NO maintenance roof meaning you will be able to spend your money on other renovations.

If a contractor does not follow this process, they are taking shortcuts that can cause moisture, mold and a rapid deterioration of your roofing investment. 

If your wood under the shingles 1 x 6 boards, we will need to install OSB boards over the boards.  

  OSB is needed over 1 x 6 boards as these boards have nails in them and they will over time back up and scratch the back of your metal and cause rust.

This is extremely important step and would be of an extra cost above the quote.