Benefits of AMRS

Solar Panel Compatible: 

Our system is the perfect system for solar panels.  The installers use a s-5 clip that attached to Armadillo’s Metal Ribs and the solar panels are then securely attached to the clips.  The perfect system no punctures are made in your roof, no wear and tear on your roof from the panels as they are securely fastened to the ribs and not even touching your roof thus no penetration or scratches moss or mold to the metal.


    Often times, people don’t realize how cost-efficient metal roofing can be because the initial expense might be a little more than it is for other products. However, the return on investment is sure to outweigh that initial payment for material and labor. This is because Armadillo metal roofs don’t require any maintenance, eliminating the costs of upkeep and repairs. Metal roofs also have insulating properties (helping to keep a building warm in colder months) and the ability to deflect hot UV rays during the summer months. Both of these capabilities contribute to lower heating and air conditioning bills.

      Reliable and Resilient Material

      Armadillo Metals roofs are constructed to last much longer than other roofing materials and hold up against harsh outdoor elements. Metal does not hold moisture like traditional roofing systems do, thus moss, mould or mildew will not be a problem. Armadillo metal roofs have a 35 year warranty on the paint and metal that won’t corrode, crack or overall deteriorate. In addition, fire resistance is a safety feature of metal roofing that is significant to note.

        Eco-Friendly Properties

        Metal roofing is an obvious choice for those looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Aside from their energy efficient contributions mentioned above, metal roofs are made with recycled content and will, in turn, be recyclable whenever they are no longer in use, unlike asphalt that ends up in landfills. They also make it easier to harvest rainwater, which can be used to conserve water in many ways in and around the home. Rainwater gathering is cleaner with less debris allowing the water to be utilized for washing machines and toilets, as well as for watering lawns and gardens. These roofs are also very solar panel compatible with a S-5 clip, ensuring that no moisture will be contained under solar panel, thus eliminating the chance of rotting or moss build up.

          Long-Term Value

          Metal roofs add long-term value to a building not only because they last for so long without any maintenance, but also because they can add actual value to the home’s resale price.

            Versatile in Colours

            With the increasing popularity of metal roofing has also come the development of a wide array of colour choices. Armadillo has three available metal suppliers; each with their own array of on average 25-35 colour choices of metal. With the rise in popularity of metal roofs, roofs are constructed to be appealing and to satisfy a property owner’s need for uniqueness while being customized to suitably fit personal taste, a certain structure’s style and the neighborhood it will be placed in.